To support its advocacy work, WSC uses data from different studies.

The ‘student’s city’ study

Every fourth year, WSC publishes the Opiskelijan kaupunki (‘student’s city’) study, which is designed to investigate the kind of urban environment students would prefer. The study is conducted by the Research Foundation for Studies and Education Otus, and parties involved in its funding include 3AMK and HSL. The 2019 study was published on 12 December 2019.

Student barometer

The Research Foundation for Studies and Education also carries out a national student barometer. The next barometer will be published in late 2019. The student barometer provides WSC with useful information on issues such as students’ wellbeing, subsistence and housing. In the 2019 barometer, particular attention is paid to student housing, internships and combining studies and work. The student barometer is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture’s subsidies for research institutes as well as separate project funding.