Our objectives

The aim of WSC is to get affordable apartments and smart urban planning to the Capital Region so that reasonably-priced housing would be available to an increasing number of higher education students and the urban environment would be enjoyable.

WSC also wants traffic to flow smoothly. Land use and public transport must be planned across municipal boundaries, focusing increasingly on rail transport and cross-city traffic in particular. WSC already has a ready-made solution for this: the Science Tram. The Science Tram would enable smooth, ecologically friendly transport between different campus areas. The share of public transport in the Capital Region’s cross-city traffic must be increased to thirty per cent by 2025.

WSC advocates good services for everyone. In particular, the services, health and wellbeing of young and low-income residents of the city, such as students, must be guaranteed. The main focus in rooting out social and health-related problems should be on prevention, and access to low-threshold mental health services, for instance, must be considerably improved. First treatment contact must occur everywhere within one month of seeking treatment. Day-care solutions must be practical from the perspective of full-time students with a family, too.

Political guidelines are available only in Finnish version of this page.

Lower housing costs – increasingly urban Capital Region

Smooth traffic, short journeys

The best city in the world to live and study – good services for all