Operational structure

The purpose of World Student Capital – Students of the Capital Region is to promote urban policy that is favourable to higher education students within the Capital Region and the municipalities of Uusimaa. To fulfil this purpose, the association carries our advocacy work for its members as well as training, research, education and publication activities, along with organising events and services that support the purpose. The association’s members are the student unions of the Capital Region and Uusimaa that have joined it.

The meeting of the association has the highest decision-making power in the association. It convenes at least once in both autumn and spring. In the meeting, all actual members have one vote for every 5,000 students.

The Board uses the executive power in the association. The Board includes 3–9 members in addition to the chair, with each member from a different member organisation. The Board may also appoint committees, such as city-specific operative groups. The official languages of the association are Finnish, Swedish and English.

You can read more about our operational structure from our rules.

The actual members of the association are: